The End of Bootcamp: Finally…A chance to take a breather….

I did it, fellow recruits….I survived Bootcamp! Sure I felt like I was going to lose an eye after being attacked by a flock of wild WordPress crows, but they were no match for my semi-automatic CSS rifles! The intense 4 mile runs over GIF Hill provided a challenge, but I successfully ran the course and even helped my other comrades on their feet if they happened to fall into a few mud pits. Teamwork makes the team work! Speaking of my comrades, I now have a much better understanding of who some of them are; even some that were too shy the first week to speak up finally began showing their faces! Two weeks of the DS106 army’s obstacle courses have now been completed, and now it’s smoother sailing from here

Now to tell you a bit about how I designed my website. Since I’d already created a domain last semester and learned how to create subdomains with it, the first task of linking my DS106 blog to my main Miss Amber May site was a breeze. The challenge, however, was when I couldn’t find the same theme I used for my main domain (Atmosphere 2010) and I ended up having to work with whatever theme was the closest to it. In order to make the theme seem similar to the parent site, I altered some of the theme’s CSS to change the color of the hyperlinks. I was also successfully able to create a forwarding address to my school email, which is much more formal sounding than my other addresses. This address can be found on the contact page of my main website. The title of my site is called DS106: Miss Amber May’s Blog, yet on the course blog, it is only seen as “DS106.” I figured out that it is only shown like this because the blog doesn’t show the tagline of the site. I didn’t want to include “Miss Amber May” again in the title because there is already an image in the header that conveys the same message. Last semester, when I first began customizing my website, I learned that Akismet is a lifesaver! Before I added it to my plug-ins, I’d began getting spam message after spam message, and by the end of that first week, I’d had at least 85 messages from random bots wanting me to buy their products! USE AKISMET! Although my blog may look finished, it is in no way finalized. I plan to continuously add entries to it, add more plug-ins if needed, and change the overall look in the future depending on if my personality changes (which it most likely will!)

The assignments for this week were a bit tougher than last week, but nothing to lose my head over…yet. I decided to knock out the GIF first (the same day it was issued) so that I wouldn’t have to worry about it throughout the week. The image is called “The Django Stare” and I got the idea from watching Django: Unchained with a friend of mine last weekend. I outlined how I created this image in Photoshop on a separate blog post earlier this week.


The 3 Daily Creates I made this week were Sunday’s (Create a Pun), Tuesday’s (Favorite Monologue Minus the 3rd Word), and Thursday’s (Photo of Breakfast Beverage).

For Sunday (“Punday”), I thought of a silly pun introducing a few works of Vincent Van Gogh seen below. I got this idea randomly as I was drinking my Beverage of Champions (see last Create entry below.)

For Tuesday’s assignment, I recited my favorite monologue from the movie Angels in America and removed every third word in the statement. During this scene, Belize explains to Louis how he hates the way America works and how society is forced to succumb to big businesses and those with higher social statuses.

“You know _ your problem _, Louis? Your _ is that _ are so _ of piping _ crap that _ mention of _ name draws _. Up in _ air, just _ that angel, _ far off _ earth to _ out the _. Louis and _Big Ideas. _ Ideas are _ you love.”__” is what _ loves. Well _ hate America, _. I hate _country. It’s _ big ideas, _ stories, and _ dying, and _like you._ cracker who _ the national _ knew what _ was doing. _ set the _”free” to _ note so _nobody can _ it. That _ deliberate. Nothing _ earth sounds _ like freedom _ me.You _ with me _ room 1013 _ at the _, I’ll show _ America. Terminal, _, and mean. I _ in America, _, that’s hard _, I don’t _ to love _. You do _. Everybody’s got _ love something.”

The last Create I made was a photo called “Breakfast Beverage of Champions,” which is a picture of my favorite beverage…water. Okay, so maybe it isn’t my favorite, but since it’s all I can afford at the moment, then it’s the best drink on the planet!

This week was busy, but in the end I came out on top with a successful website that accurately reflects my personality, three sensational daily creates, and a GIF that could stop a varmint in its tracks! Bootcamp was tough, but I’m tougher! Bring it on, next week!!


5 thoughts on “The End of Bootcamp: Finally…A chance to take a breather….

  1. Not only did you spring over GIF Hill you made our obstacle course look like a kiddie playground. Obviously we need t make bootcamp harder ;-)

    Solid work again this week Amber, both on the things you are creating and the way you are able to write about them. And your punny video? (Wonk Wonk).

    But you may want to reconsider the implications of bottled water- have you seen The Story of Bottled Water?

    • Thank ya!
      No no! Don’t change bootcamp! I only found GIF Hill so easy because last semester I was forced to learn how to make a Cinemagraph, and I’d sat in front of a computer for 4 hours trying to figure out how to construct it and another hour figuring out how to upload it without going over a KB limit. Believe me, I’ve been through this stressful bootcamp before, and I nearly died the first time.

      Hm…that video makes a few good points…Maybe I should just buy a filter to put on my faucet to save $$$ or better yet! I should buy a filter bottle for when I’m on the go! GENIUS!!

  2. I love your layout and almost wish I had as much tallent as you have when it comes to customizing it. I don’t know what to say about your title. Up until this week, mine was simply “bellekid’s ds106 blog” but I got the idea to change it to “The Digital Seamstress,” to go with my theme and love of sewing. Just a thought but maybe you could come up with a name that has to do with your voice acting for yours?

    The only other thing I could think of to make your blog stand out more is to make a favicon (Icon in the tab in which your website is open) for it and install it. I made one for mine, a little four holed orange button and it just adds some character to it. If you want I can link you to the plugin I used and the site I made it on.

    Your gif making post was kind of a lifesaver for me. I mentioned it in my GIF post but it gave me a basis to start of, (I didn’t know that Photoshop could do GIFs) and I agree with you that Aksemet is amazing.

    I’m not totally loving the water-bottle in your picture. I have two reusable aluminum water bottles which I rotate between which I refill daily with tap water from campus and have yet to have an issue. Aluminium has no taste and is simple to wash. If you want a water bottle with a filter, I’d look into getting a Bobble. I’ve never actually tried one but I’ve seen them at Wegmans. They have a filter built into the cap so you can fill them with tap water and it filters it as you drink it, which I find nifty.

  3. Don’t worry! After the video Cogdog sent me about tap water being better than bottled, I switched to a filter bottle! Not only is it better for the environment, but it costs A LOT cheaper than having to buy bottles and bottles of water.

    Hm, I always wondered what those little tab icons were called. Can I take you up on your offer for the link to your plug-in?

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