Youtube It Your Way!(****)

Ever thought about what it would be like if birds were the superior race on Earth?

For the “Youtube It Your Way” assignment, where we had to pick out a youtube video and change some aspects to give it a totally new meaning, I chose a video of a human and a parrot yelling at each other…for no reason. I then used Hackasaurus to change the title, comments, commenters’ images, the video views, the amount of likes/dislikes, and a few linked video titles in the sidebar. The main topic here is Political Birds, so I made the arguing parrot, originally named Oscar, a governor debating with a journalist on recent issues in the bird world. All of the commenters seem to support Oscar’s rise to the top.

Here’s a screenshot from the original video

Picture 2

And here’s the Oscar Debates With Media version

Picture 2

At the end, the bird thanks his contender for the debate with a kiss! What a good Governor!!