Horrible Burger King Website Translation (*)

For the Google Translate Fail assignment, I stumbled upon a Japanese Burger King website and translated the only parts of the site that werent images (since Google Chrome cant translate those.) This is a screenshot of the bottom of the home page.

Horrible Burger King Translation

For most of these statements, I honestly had no clue what they were trying to say were trying to say. I laughed hysterically hard at “With meat sauce, delicious addition, the popular American cheese fly!” Some pages are just not meant to be translated! Hahaha!

Youtube It Your Way!(****)

Ever thought about what it would be like if birds were the superior race on Earth?

For the “Youtube It Your Way” assignment, where we had to pick out a youtube video and change some aspects to give it a totally new meaning, I chose a video of a human and a parrot yelling at each other…for no reason. I then used Hackasaurus to change the title, comments, commenters’ images, the video views, the amount of likes/dislikes, and a few linked video titles in the sidebar. The main topic here is Political Birds, so I made the arguing parrot, originally named Oscar, a governor debating with a journalist on recent issues in the bird world. All of the commenters seem to support Oscar’s rise to the top.

Here’s a screenshot from the original video

Picture 2

And here’s the Oscar Debates With Media version

Picture 2

At the end, the bird thanks his contender for the debate with a kiss! What a good Governor!!

Storytelling Within the Web Assignment: How Cynics See UMW

Do you know anyone on campus who aaaallways has something negative to say about the school? In some cases what they say is true, but most of the time they just need something to complain about in front of their friends. It gets annoying. Wouldn’t it be simpler to transfer if you dont like the university? Apparently that concept is too complicated.

I created the How Cynics See UMW page by taking the original UMW homepage and editing the text to what is usually negatively said about the campus; “There’s no parties here!” “The food service here sucks!” ect. I do agree with a few of these, such as the small amount of diversity and the fact that our school’s slogan is cheesy, but I don’t complain about these aspects every waking moment! For the most part, I wouldn’t have selected any other college to attend.

Here’s the original UMW homepage

Picture 4

And here’s how cynics see it
Picture 1

I was unable to change the UMW logo and slogan just by typing over the text because the whole space was an image. This was the only place on the site where I had to use GIMP, since everything else was a basic editable text area.

Check out the main page to see the text a bit clearer. And for pete’s sake, don’t turn into one of these people!! People like these make the school more unbearable than what they actually claim.