How to Color Splash Your Photos with GIMP

First open the image you want to edit in GIMP. (File>Open)

Picture 1


In the Layers Dialogue Toolbox on the right side of the screen, right click the picture layer and click “Duplicate Layer.” (What this does is create a copy of the image so one copy can be grey and the other copy is colored.)
Picture i


Now that you have a copy of the image, to make one of the layers grey, go to the top of the screen and open the “Colors” menu, and click “Desaturate.”
Picture 1


Pick one of the greyscale options and click Okay.

Picture 2


You should now have 2 versions of your picture, a grey version and a colored version. Make sure the grey layer is on top of the colored layer in the Layers window on the right.

Picture 1


Now go the “Layer” menu at the top of the page, “Transparency” and “Add Alpha Channel” (This makes an invisible layer for you to work with so when you erase the grey parts, it wont be white underneath)
Picture 2


Boo-ya! You should now be able to erase the grey version of your picture to reveal the colored version underneath! Use the eraser tool in the toolbox on the left hand side.

Picture 1

Passage of Time


Time doesn’t stand still; therefore none of us are the same people we once were. We have sufficiently grown wiser throughout life, starting from the day we spoke our first words, to as recent as the end of last semester. Whenever something unpleasant happens in life, you may wish to go back and stop the occurrence from happening and never have to experience the indescribable anguish. But would you ever wonder how such revisitation would effect you in the future? If you had never touched that scorching hot skillet as a child, how would you have experienced the pain of being burned and learned from it?  If that narcissistic douchebag  ex-boyfriend had never dumped you your senior year of high school, how would you have later met the person who really taught you what it meant to be in a meaningful relationship? Since we are humans who are susceptible to making mistakes, the most we can do is learn from them and construct ourselves into better individuals. Wisdom comes with the passage of time, but only to those who are willing to learn from their mistakes.

In the image, Present Amber (the only one in color) is sitting as if she were looking out a window and watching all of her old stories play out from afar. She anxiously wants to warn them about some of the impending tribulations that they are about to undergo and what they could do to prepare for such struggles. However, she is aware that if she does tell them, she herself will never be the same. All of the experiences she’d undergone, good and bad, would never had happened to her, and she would be as naïve as her infant self. After that point, she may as well not exist anymore because she isn’t the person she once was (represented by her fading away.)

This image was made for the 9 Lives visual assignment. I made this image in GIMP by cutting out photos of myself from different time periods, the one in color being the most recent. Rather than leaving all of the past photos separated, I decided to integrate them into 1 moment in time. I borrowed the park image to provide a place for the Ambers to take a group photo.

Park Image Source:

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“NO U (turns)”

DSCN0335 smaller
This image was for the assignment called Cropped Signs. The task was to take a picture of a street sign and crop out a portion of it to make it have a different meaning. I took this “NO U TURNS” sign. This may seem like a simple sign that says “NO U” but when I saw it as I was walking I immediately snapped the picture and laughed like crazy.

Being an internet geek, I’m familiar with the infinite amount of memes floating around online; the phrase “NO U” being one of them. This is just the phrase you say when somone is in the process of telling you off and you regress back to your childhood days by saying “No you!!” as if that’s going to effectively shut them up. Learn more about the “NO U” meme here!

Love Makes You very Cheesy…


I’ve never been a fan of pickup lines…but some of them can be just plain hilarious. For this assignment I had to caption a picture from Franco Accornero’s postcard pack called “Unbridled Passion.” I got this horrible pickup line from one of my friend’s Facebook statuses last Summer when she explained how this guy came up to her and her friends and the beach and said this. Apparently it didn’t work on her…oh well.

True Glamour

Such glamor can only be attained by a canine of exquisite tastes.

This is my lovely hound, Caesar. His hobbies include strutting his stuff on the runway, signing autographs, and going to photo shoots like the true model he is. He enjoys eyeshadow that brings out his gorgeous amber eyes and lashes that accentuate their almond shape. As you can see, he doesn’t mind posing nude for the camera. ;)

I created this image using GIMP and borrowed a wig image from here. I added make-up by using the paint tool and adding a Gaussian Blur to spread out the color. I then toned down the opacity to make it a bit more realistic. I added the eyelashes using a brush that I acquired years ago (search eyelash brushes on google to find something similar. I don’t remember where I got mine.) Lastly I brightened up his eye by making a separate layer for his eyes and using the paintbrush to color them bright orange. If dogs could be drag queens, Caesar would make a PERFECT one!

The Django Stare


This was a clip from the trailer of the movie “Django Unchained.” (LOVED this movie!) I created this GIF by downloading the trailer from Youtube and singling out this section by trimming it in Quicktime. I then went to Photoshop, imported the clip into layers, and adjusted the amount of time it took between layers (0.05 seconds). Finally I saved it as a .gif by going to File–>Save for Web and Devices–>Save.

The challenge that sometimes occurs is getting the file size down to a certain number of MB; if the number is too high, it wont upload anywhere! Mine was originally 3.4 MB, but I turned it down to 1.5MB by changing the size and reducing the amount of colors. (You can adjust all these settings after you go to “Save for Web and Devices”)