“The Wonderbolts Take Flight” (Final Project Sneak Peek #2)

If I give away anything else for the final project, I’d give away the surprises before it comes out! Here’s the 2nd sneak peek for my final project, a song by the name of “The Wonderbolts Take Flight” by Kristen Cooper (Aka “Dj Beats Point”)

Sounds catchy right! This is going to be the backtrack for the Rainbow Dash “Living the Dream” video. It’s upbeat, energetic, and practically SCREAMS the name Rainbow Dash! The song seems boring right now because there’s no words or no visuals, but that’s why I picked it; to show how 2 plain pieces of media combined can become something powerful. I’m going to have the video not only playing over this song, but the video is going to run with the mechanics of the song; when the trumpets start playing at 0:45, there will be visual trumpets, 1:00 the video will sync to the beat, the crazy sounding synth at 1:50 will be enhanced by some kind of repetitive effect ect.

This song isn’t just going to be a background song, it’s gonna work with the visuals and make the whole video “20% cooler!” <— (rainbow dash’s motto)

(New) 5 Sound Story: Learning to Play an Instrument

Okay, I have a new 5 sound story, only this time it was done just now and not a few months ago. Also this one only has 7 sounds as opposed to the other one with 19 sounds. Oh well, it’s still fun creating these!

This sound story is about me in the 4th grade attempting to learn how to play an instrument. My dad introduced me to 3 instruments: the piano, the flute, and the clarinet. Despite me practicing for hours every day, I still seemed to be getting nowhere! This was insanely frustrating for me, and I tended to take my anger out on the instrument itself. Turns out all I needed was more practice, because I eventually got the hang of the flute after 2 months of torture. Plus my dad was sick of paying for the damages on the other 2 instruments… I’ve recently picked up the clarinet and piano again to give them another shot!


Sounds Borrowed: