The Begining: DS106


Welcome to my new blog,! Incase you didn’t know, my name is Amber May (I also go by my alias “Foxy Lee”.) I came into this course thinking it was going to be totally rad, and, after a week of doing some of the projects, so far I think I was right!

I can see why the first week is called “bootcamp.” There was a good amount of content to be learned and a lot of adjusting to the new way of teaching (I’d never taken an online course before.) But now that I’ve had this period to adjust and figure out the type of assignments I’d be performing, I can now start exploring the things I can do with this material! I was already a step forward in the game since I’d already created a website for my Writing Through Media class. All I had to do was create a new subdomain to house my new course work. One of the other initial assignments was to create a youtube page to upload the Daily Creates. Once again, I was ahead in the game because I’d had a youtube channel since 2008 that I would constantly update. I decided to use this channel rather than creating a new one so that the other students in the class could not only see my daily assignments, but they could also take a small look at my voiceover work if they were interested.

Speaking of the Daily Create, after my first few experiences with them, I feel that I’m gonna LOVE them! Remember “Show and Tell” from elementary school? I like to think of these assignments as just that in the sense that it’s a chance for me to share some of my interests and goals with the class. I had fun with the first video assignment, and I think it gave a little taste of the type of person I am, but I ended up making 2 errors. The first problem was that I forgot to introduce myself, and the second problem was that the instructions were to “fabricate a story,” which I didn’t do…woops…

This week wasn’t too bad of a bootcamp for me since I’d had 55% of the content already done. I think the one problem that I’m going to have to learn how to overcome this semester is the fact that I have trouble managing my time, and I end up stubbornly trying to do all the assignments at one time instead of staggering them throughout the week. (This usually results in me burning myself out.) As long as I maintain a positive attitude and listen carefully to the instructions, I’m sure I can pull through. BRING IT ON, DS106! Amber “Foxy” May is gonna give it her best shot this semester!