“Big Wedding” Coming soon to DS106TV (***)

This image was created for the “Really Reality TV” assignment where you generate 2 words and create them into a TV show. I decided when I was going to generate my pair of words, I would NOT change them no matter how silly. The first pair of words that appeared were “Big Wedding.” What’s funny about this title is that there IS going to be a movie coming out this year called “Big Wedding“. “You gotta be kidding me,” I thought. Since I’d promised not to change it no matter what, I decided to do my own rendition of the movie using the paragraphs I’d acquired from the Google searches.
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DS106TV Presents Big Wedding

More than 3,500 couples from all around the world gathered in South Korea to tie the knot in a wedding ceremony organised by the Unification Church.

Anyway, add a superfluous Topher Grace and a soundtrack composed of every overplayed trailer musical cue save “Born To Be Wild,” and you’ve pretty much got the entire history of modern mainstream American comedy, all condensed into a scant two-and-a-half minutes. If only Zackham had included Steve Martin and Kate Hudson confusedly wandering through the wedding party, so sure they’re meant to be there, everyone could have officially stopped making movies.



Collect Them All! Fan-made My Little Pony trading cards! (****)

Now for a limited time you can get the new “Insanity Twilight”  Trading Card! Once played on the field, this card is unstoppable!
"Insanity Twilight" MLP Trading Card

I love Yugioh cards, and I love My Little Pony, so why not combine the two and see what happens? I created this for the Movie Trading Cards assignment.Instead of using a movie, I ended up using a screenshot from one of my favorite episodes of MLP (Movie, Episode…they sound the same to me. I don’t watch many movies.)I tried to duplicate the format of an actual Yugioh card to create this. I used 12 layers in all, including the background, border, title template, text, and drop shadows. The background is a mix of a tile filter, and a multicolored gradient.

I took a screenshot from an episode called Lesson Zero where Twilight only has 24 hours to submit her weekly friendship report. She ends up going crazy because, as a straight-A student, the thought of being tardy is devastating to her. She ends up going to extreme lengths to make up a report to turn in. What this episode and the card have in common is that both are results of waiting until the last minute to do something. Only when the player’s life points are almost gone can this card be played, and when it is played, it deals an immense amount of damage to the other player’s life points or card. (Life points are like…points that keep the game in motion. If you lose them all, you’ve lost the duel.)

There’s already a kid-friendly version of MLP Trading Cards, but I figured mine is what they would look like if they were characters that you could actually battle each other with. If they all looked like this I would TOTALLY collect them all!

PSA Billboard (***)


This is my design for the PSA Billboard assignment. I created the image in GIMP by first taking a photo of spilled medication, then overlaying each pill in the foreground with family members. The pills in the background have keywords that relate to important parts of an individual’s self: goals, memories, love, talents ect.  This represents how those who commit suicide are leaving behind their capabilities and also the people who truly care about them.

I got the inspiration to create this from a friend of mine who’s had to deal with multiple suicides in her family and didn’t know who to talk to about it. I think there should be more billboards like these around because there are many people in the U.S. who are coping with suicide in their lives, and they believe that ending their own lives will take away the pain. This method doesn’t take away the pain…it just creates pain for someone else.

DS106 Propaganda (***)

The war on education has arrived and we need more production!! For my propaganda poster, I took this WWII image I found on Google and transformed it into something less violent:


I used GIMP to erase (or rather stamp) the words to leave just the white background so that I could have a space to work with. I then tried to match the font of the original as much as possible by using the closest font I had in my library, Impact Condensed. I had some trouble making the text look old and faded, the most I could do was turn down the opacity and feather the edges a bit.

Sidenote: Does anyone else think the guy counting looks like Cogdog with a haircut? Just me? Okaaayy.