Design Safari: Finding Design in its Natural Habitat

Shh….come, look this way. Right between those two trees. You see it? Yes, that my friends is a rare element in its natural habitat. The family in which it comes from is known as Design, and it’s not alone out here in the wild. Here, take a look at my photo-journal. This is a collection of 4 of these rare specimens cohabiting with one another in nature.



This was a beautiful example of symmetrical balance located in front of Jefferson Hall. Notice how the 2 main lights are perfectly aligned with each other.


This little beaut’ was taking a rest near a river bank when I snuck up on her and caught a full-faced photo. Her species? Good ol’ Typography. The text on her face is organized by order of importance and size. Since “Pop” is the most important word, it is placed at the top in the largest possible font. “Frosted Cookies & Creme” only describes her type, so it is subtitled.


Look at this gorgeous Unity specimen! Despite the fact that she’s missing her bottom half, she gives off the perfect sense of closure and completeness. (she could also be a close relative to Proportion because of the decreasing size of the circles.) She’s so perfect you could just eat her up!


This specimen looked like it was dangerous to approach, but I ended up escaping with my life. This photo was recently taken in the rainforests of Myrtle Beach and it represents rhythm.

These are only 4 species of Design that I have captured, and there are 6 more types out there in the wild. Be sure to join me on my safari adventure next time!