Helpful Tutorials

Everyone in DS106 is not a technical pro when it comes to different assignment types, and sometimes we just need a helping hand to get us on track. This is why I’ve created 2 tutorials this semester.

How to Color Splash Your Photos with Gimp

Picture 1

This tutorial I made during design week for those who were having trouble adding splashes of color to their images. Wow, it seemed like just yesterday we were learning how to edit photos, but it was over 2 months ago! Actually I’m glad I made this tutorial because I sort of forgot how to do it myself; it’s been so long!

A Capella With Yourself Using Garageband

Create Track photo Picture5_zps765f4acc.png

This one I just recently made since I’d chosen the “A Capella With Yourself”  assignment to also create a countrified remix this week. Figured I’d show anyone who was struggling with Garageband some of the basics such as how to create tracks and add effects to them. Oh right, and how to be a legendary POP STAR!

Hope the people in future DS106 courses will find these tutorials helpful!

How to Color Splash Your Photos with GIMP

First open the image you want to edit in GIMP. (File>Open)

Picture 1


In the Layers Dialogue Toolbox on the right side of the screen, right click the picture layer and click “Duplicate Layer.” (What this does is create a copy of the image so one copy can be grey and the other copy is colored.)
Picture i


Now that you have a copy of the image, to make one of the layers grey, go to the top of the screen and open the “Colors” menu, and click “Desaturate.”
Picture 1


Pick one of the greyscale options and click Okay.

Picture 2


You should now have 2 versions of your picture, a grey version and a colored version. Make sure the grey layer is on top of the colored layer in the Layers window on the right.

Picture 1


Now go the “Layer” menu at the top of the page, “Transparency” and “Add Alpha Channel” (This makes an invisible layer for you to work with so when you erase the grey parts, it wont be white underneath)
Picture 2


Boo-ya! You should now be able to erase the grey version of your picture to reveal the colored version underneath! Use the eraser tool in the toolbox on the left hand side.

Picture 1