Digital Dynamite Radio Bumper

This is my version of our show’s radio bumper. Enjoy it!

Okay, so I had no idea what to do for this bumper at first, since I didn’t want it to sound like the DS106 Radio Bumper I made before. Then it hit me as I was watching an episode of a show called “Black Dynamite.” In the show, whenever Black Dynamite does something badass (an awesome kung-fu move, jumping from a helicopter ect.) his signature theme plays. (this is also the video where I extracted the audio.) Sooo since our radio show, Digital Dynamite is pretty hardcore, I thought it deserved a hardcore theme!

Only 5 tracks were used to create this, each having their own effect. The effect I used on my voice to make it sound wavy is the default “Epic Diva” setting, but I turned off the reverb and echo and added the “chorus” effect. All of the other sound effects (except the Black Dynamite theme) were included in Garageband. DYNAMITE!


DS106 Radio Bumper!

Best with headphones!!


Woah, this assignment was so fun that I started it immediately after it was assigned. I’d grown up listening to different radio stations (mainly the ones my parents and older sister played in the car,) and I would pay attention, not just to the songs, but to the commercials and promos; so much so that I began copying the ads word for word (driving my mom crazy.)

I created this bumper using Garageband, which is a program that comes with Mac computers, and all of the sounds were from the built-in sound library. I based the bumper after the general radio stations that say their station’s name like 3 or more times, sample a clip from one of their shows, and offer to connect with the audience online. There were 8 tracks total, each one having a different audio output or distortion. I also layered the recordings over one another to reduce the time in between. Radio stations do this to get as much time into their promo as possible since they only get maybe 15-20 seconds. The best way to learn the format of radio commercials is by listening to all the commercials whenever they come on (and not turn to a different station!)

Picture 3