“Big Wedding” Coming soon to DS106TV (***)

This image was created for the “Really Reality TV” assignment where you generate 2 words and create them into a TV show. I decided when I was going to generate my pair of words, I would NOT change them no matter how silly. The first pair of words that appeared were “Big Wedding.” What’s funny about this title is that there IS going to be a movie coming out this year called “Big Wedding“. “You gotta be kidding me,” I thought. Since I’d promised not to change it no matter what, I decided to do my own rendition of the movie using the paragraphs I’d acquired from the Google searches.
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DS106TV Presents Big Wedding

More than 3,500 couples from all around the world gathered in South Korea to tie the knot in a wedding ceremony organised by the Unification Church.

Anyway, add a superfluous Topher Grace and a soundtrack composed of every overplayed trailer musical cue save “Born To Be Wild,” and you’ve pretty much got the entire history of modern mainstream American comedy, all condensed into a scant two-and-a-half minutes. If only Zackham had included Steve Martin and Kate Hudson confusedly wandering through the wedding party, so¬†sure they’re meant to be there, everyone could have officially stopped making movies.