A Capella With Yourself! (Audio Assignment ***)

This is my 17 second cover of the song “Kryptonite” by Three Doors Down. The people singing are, Me and Me, and on the beatbox we have the glorious Me!


I created this in Garageband in about 35min (it took so long because I was trying to sing in tune with myself. Honestly! The other me is always out of tune!) This was made for the Audio Assignment called “A Capella With Yourself” where you had to create at least 3 audio tracks,record with 3 different voices, and mash them up to make it sound like you’re singing with yourself.

My Process:

1. Think of a song to sing
2. Split the song into harmonization and beat by listening to the original song over and over
3. Record the main melody
4. Record the harmonization to the main melody
5. Make sure the 2 vocal tracks sync up the right way
6.Record the beat (consisting of a snare drum and high hat)
7.Mix the 3 tracks together and hope for the best!

Picture 1

The main challenges with this was, as I said, staying in tune with myself, so I dont sound icky, and singling out the harmonization pattern in the song. Once I found out what notes they were (or at least what key the song is in), it became easier to mix the 2 vocals together. Oh! in the image there are 4 tracks instead of 3. This was so the 1st half of the harmonized track could overlap the 2nd half of the track, so that the 2nd half could come in a beat early. So the middle 2 tracks are the same voice, just split apart.

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