(New) 5 Sound Story: Learning to Play an Instrument

Okay, I have a new 5 sound story, only this time it was done just now and not a few months ago. Also this one only has 7 sounds as opposed to the other one with 19 sounds. Oh well, it’s still fun creating these!

This sound story is about me in the 4th grade attempting to learn how to play an instrument. My dad introduced me to 3 instruments: the piano, the flute, and the clarinet. Despite me practicing for hours every day, I still seemed to be getting nowhere! This was insanely frustrating for me, and I tended to take my anger out on the instrument itself. Turns out all I needed was more practice, because I eventually got the hang of the flute after 2 months of torture. Plus my dad was sick of paying for the damages on the other 2 instruments… I’ve recently picked up the clarinet and piano again to give them another shot!


Sounds Borrowed:




Sound Story: Just an Average Day for a UMW Student

The assignment was to create an audio story using at least 5 sounds in 60 seconds or less. I ended up using 19 sounds to create my story. The story is called “Just an Average Day for a College Student,” and it uses these sounds to not only create a story, but to also create a song. It’s a bit different, but check it out anyway!

Whew! Alot of sounds right? Well you may be surprised that UMW students hear these sounds every day! The sounds I used to create this are listed below in order of appearance:
1.Pen tapping (bored in the first class of the day)
2.Clock Ticking(watching the clock)
3.Elevator Ding
4.Paper towel dispenser/ Ripping paper towel
5.Pushing button on water fountain
6.Walking up stairs
7.Elevator Beeping
8.Flicking a desk lamp on and off
9.Birds chirping outside in front of a stop sign (representing a break from the busy day)
10. Setting a textbook on a desk
11. Closing mailbox
12. Spoon hitting glass of tea
13. Flushing toilet
14. Straw going in and out of a cup
15. Facebook message alert
16. Hitting number on a snack machine
17. Turning pages
18. Walking down a hallway
19. Locking door to room (the day is over)

The actions that produce the rhythms within the song are repetitive because they represent how an average student would perform these tasks throughout the day (like using and elevator, or flushing a toilet.) I actually created this about a year ago for a UMW video contest. The video was originally entitled “A Great Mind Creates Music” and it showed how if one stops to listen to the actions around them, they begin to realize how the world is a huge symphony of sounds and melodies. This idea may seem far fetched, but being an auditory person and a musician, I always take time to stop and listen.


Original video: