Epic Instrument Woman! (Viral Video Re-enactment ***)

In your entire life, you will never see anything as EPIC as this! In the beginning, there was Epic Sax Guy, but now the genders have flipped to reveal something equally, if not MORE epic! I give you, Epic Instrument Woman!


This video was created for the “Viral Video Re-enactment” video assignment where you had to re-enact a famous viral video. This video is a parody of the extremely popular “Epic Sax Guy” video, which shows a European pop group singing a song called “Run Away.” The man with the saxophone solo ends up stealing the whole show with his pelvic thrusts, smooth sunglasses, and overall epicness! This part of the song was so cool that someone made a 10 hour version of just his solo. I could sit through it forever!

I not only tried to mimic this, but I gave it my own little twist. Instead of having just a saxophone, I whipped out my clarinet and flute to add some variety. The dancing continued through all 3 instruments. I wish I could dance… What I’m wearing? Don’t question that, just gaze upon the epicosity that my outfit is radiating; purple wig, purple shades, purple morphsuit ect.

I guess the inspiration for the video was the fact that I planned to create it earlier this month as an April Fools video, just never got around to it. I like goofing off on camera, and I love the sax song, so why not combine them! Unlike my other videos, there is absolutely no message to be learned here, other than BE EPIC for the camera!

Winnie the Pooh Sings “Mad World” (Music Video ****)

Disney proudly presents the deleted scene from the classic movie Pooh’s Grand Adventure: The Search for Christopher Robin. It’s depressing and entertaining! It’s depressitaining! In this secret scene, Pooh has sadly given up hope after losing his beloved Christopher Robin and he begins to sing a song entitled “Mad World”, showing that his faith in humanity has deteriorated…..So enjoy this obscure scene straight from the Disney Vault!

I must now confess that I lied and this scene did NOT come from the legendary Disney Vault. It is only a mere fan-made video that was mixed with fitting music.

This video was created for the DS106 “Music Video” video assignment where you take footage from an existing movie or show and add fitting music to it in a way that creates a completely new message. As I said in my weekly post from last week, the inspiration to create such a dramatic depressing video came from the fact that I found Gary Jule’s voice to highly resemble Winnie the Pooh’s voice. If this weren’t the case, I don’t think this video would work as well. Sad song + sad scene + Winnie the Pooh singing = PERFECT!

Just as I planned out from last week, I used Final Cut to create this. First I downloaded Pooh’s lamenting scene from Youtube, then I ripped the audio from the “Mad World” music video and converted it to mp3 format (since I couldn’t find the plain mp3 anywhere.) I started splicing the scene in Final Cut and it matched perfectly with them music, however as I suspected, I came up short because the scene was only a min or so long. I didn’t want to be someone who reuses the same clips over and over because that doesn’t add any variety to the message. So to avoid this problem, I took some scenes from 2 other Winnie the Pooh shows; Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day and Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree (grabbed the video just in time! it got taken off Youtube for copyright infringement.)

I used the opening scene of the Honey Tree as the opening scene for the video, panning around Christopher Robin’s room looking at all of his old toys and story books. Inside the book, it shows Christopher Robin swinging, just as the song says “Going nowhere…”. During “The tears are filling up their glasses” lyric, it shows Pooh struggling to hold onto the umbrella in the torrential downpour, while during “no expression…” his ghost self descends back into his sleeping state. This also goes with the fact that he later says “The dreams in which I’m dying are the best I’ve ever had.”

I wanted to change the whole meaning of pooh’s sadness. I wanted the video to have a sense of helplessness and woe. With the slow cross-fades, desaturated colors, slow motion, and near perfect lipsyncing I’m pretty sure I successfully delivered this message! Wow, feeling a sense of joy and accomplishment from Pooh’s sadness? I’m a horrible person!

Charlie’s Great Escape!

Everyone watch in amazement as Charlie Chaplin the Great makes his daring escape from the hungry jaws of a ferocious lion! And to narrate this exhilarating escapade, we have our marvelous orchestra playing “The Barber of Seville” as Charlie’s diligence unfolds! Take your seats and enjoy the show!

Okay…so maybe the lion wasn’t totally ferocious…but still! Charlie was able to escape from the cage in one piece! In this video, I removed the audio of the original clip and replaced it with the sound effects from the class. The effects I used were from the following people: Stefanie Jeske, Ms. Parker, Dylangott, and Nancy. Thank you all for your sounds and yall did an awesome job keeping the sounds in time with the clip! I think Dylan’s dog barking was my favorite because it sounded so real! Bahahaha!

As usual, I integrated all the sounds and fades using Final Cut Pro. Since all the sounds were perfectly in time, syncing the audio with the video wasnt a challenge.  I used the song “The Barber of Seville” because it reminded me of a fancy, classic silent movie, plus I think it went with this scene quite well. Oh! And also when I hear this song I think of the crazy, cartooniness of that Bugs Bunny episode! You all know which one I mean! I was originally going to use the song “In the Hall of the Mountain King” (look at the orchestra at 2:14. The guy’s string breaks from him playing too fast!), but the whole beginning of the song was way too quiet and it didn’t have enough action. If I’d cut out the quiet part and just left the famous brass heavy part, the audio would’ve been too short for the clip. So the challenge was to find a song that had just the right amount of action and wasnt too short. “The Barber of Seville” is a 7 minute song, so I was able to cut out the important part of the song and still have enough left over to complete the song.

I think the music changed the meaning of the story from somone who was frantically trying to escape, to someone who is still trying to escape, but is entertaining the audience in the process. How can I explain it…It makes the atmosphere seem less serious and more comical. The addition of the sound effects make the scene more entertaining. It’s like you’re waiting for a laugh track to happen every few seconds!

“La La La” Animated Dance Party! (Animated Music Video ****)

I would call this an “Anime Music Video” if the Spongebob clips weren’t in it. But hey! Spongebob DESERVES to be at this party! Check out his dance moves! Plus I loooove Spongebob so I couldn’t not put him in the video! To make this music video I used clips from a variety of anime shows; Haruhi Suzumiya, One Piece, Lucky Star, Gravitation ect. You never really notice how much the Japanese love dancing until you collect all of the clips together. I also notice that they like to do alot of synchronized dancing, Hmmm.

The song used is called “La La La” by a South Korean band named Big Bang. This video didn’t have a particular meaning other than just dance and have fun. This sort of reflects my personality because I love to listen to songs that aren’t focused around deep lyrics, since I’m pretty slow to analyze things for a good number of reasons. This song proves this fact even more because if you listen to the lyrics, 80% of the song is in Korean and I have no idea what they’re saying, besides the little bit that’s in English. (“Everybody get em high! And we wont stop movin movin’!”) I guess this is sort of like the “Gangnam Style” craze where everyone was listening to it, and even played it on the radio, but no one understood what it meant.

I made this in Final Cut Pro, my specialty, and it took about 2 and a half hours to find all the clips, download them, find out where to match them up in the song, and add a few effects such as speed, fade in/fade out, and sepia. This video didn’t really need alot of effects because I found it to be extremely flashy without them. I added a few filter effects to some of the clips as an experiment and it ended up too “sparkly” and explosive. This is usually a good thing, but it’s not really a good thing to overwhelm the audience with seizure-provoking colors. The sepia I added toward the end when the song goes a capella and it’s just the weird guy from One Piece dancing.

I wish I could’ve changed the size of the video, but that would’ve ended up messing up the quality. Ah well, you don’t need good video quality to dance to good music!

Exploring Pulp Fiction Even More! (Facts and Montage)

As a continuation of the last Pulp Fiction post, here are 3 interesting facts about the movie. Later I have a montage demonstrating these facts.


Fact 1: “Pulp Fiction is most known for its nonlinear storyline.” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KIViN-G37L8

What this means is that the sequences within the story are out of chronological order, but are still connected to one another. Tarantino has some element of this in a number of his movies, such as Reservoir Dogs and Kill Bill. He connects the “chapters” of his stories by introducing placards in between scenes explaining what the new segment is called. This unique style of storytelling, among other things, helped Pulp Fiction gain 7 Oscar nominations in the 90’s and later influenced other nonlinear styled movies.

Fact 2: “Tarantino wanted Travolta to reclaim the charisma he had flashed onscreen in “Saturday Night Fever” and “Grease”.” http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-34786_162-57570937/pulp-fiction-quentin-tarantino-hit-changed-movie-making-in-hollywood/

Tarantino knew that the audience would’ve loved to see the “Saturday Night Fever” and “Grease” star hop back onto the dance floor. He’d originally told Travolta to do the twist in his scene with Uma Thurman.

Fact 3: The F-word was said 265 times in the whole movie.

If there were an Oscar for “Most Potty Mouthed” I think this movie would be easily nominated. According the the Wiki article above, 265 instances of the word being said in the 154min film is equal to someone saying it 1.72 times per minute. Holy f**k!!

7 Tropes that Show How Pulp Fiction is a Crime-Thriller-Comedy Film

1. Gorn: “The movie shows gore and blood, not to frighten or upset, but to excite and thrill.” (This is basically the whole movie.)
2. Running Gag: “A joke that is only mildly funny the first time, but becomes funnier each time it is repeated.” (Whenever Vincent goes to the bathroom, something bad is always happening when he comes out.)
3. Enemy Eats Your Lunch: “Take their food. It’s a step beyond just invading personal space, and it shows who the alpha dog is.” (Jules takes the guy’s burger and drink at the beginning to show who’s in charge now.)
4. Dropped a Bridge on Him: “a character is permanently written out of a show, especially killed off, in a way that is unexpectedly anti-climactic or mundane.” (Vincent is show instantly when he comes out of the bathroom, not even having a chance to respond.
5. Groin Attack: “seeing someone get struck in the crotch is usually just plain funny.” (Marsellus shoots his rapist in the groin. POW!)
6. Hypocritical Humor: “A character accused of engaging in a certain behavior or activity denies it before being immediately depicted engaging in the very behavior.” (Jules tells Vincent not to use the Lord’s name in vain, yet he himself does it the ENTIRE movie)
7. Lethally Stupid: “This character accidentally causes a disaster because of a stupid idea” (Vincent acidentally shoots Marvin and splatters blood everywhere in the car. way to go…)

Basically whenever there is any sort of gore or bloodshed in this movie, it usually involves a humorous scenario, hence why I call this movie a Crime-Thriller-Comedy film. (The rest of the Pulp Fiction tropes can be found HERE. They’re really fun to read.)

Nooooow I shall present my montage, doing my best to show the 3 facts from earlier.

Here are the 3 videos I used to create the montage, hope you enjoyed it!
1.“Pulp Fiction Chronological”
2.“Pulp Fiction Dancing Scene”
3. “F**k Pulp Fiction”

Youtube Makes Politics Fun

The internet has recently encouraged individuals with the same opinions, or no opinions whatsoever, to come together to either make their opinions stronger or, for the ones with no opinion, begin to take a side. Throughout the years, the power of this conformity has flourished, to the point where online communities could change a person’s beliefs all together.

For example, the presidential debates last year had spawned a variety of slanderous, sometimes entertaining, forms of media that expressed messages about the candidates. These messages could be positive (in favor of the candidate) or negative (against the candidate.) On the class Youtube Genre document, I added the genre called Funny/Entertaining Politics. This genre is meant to either poke fun at the different candidates by exploiting their flaws, or it is meant to simply add some fun to the otherwise boring popularity contest known as the election. Below are some of the videos I added.

Mitt Romney Sings “The Real Slim Shady”


Epic Rap Battles of History: Obama vs. Romney


Obama Sings “Replay”

I noticed that a good amount of these entertaining political videos on Youtube (and even the media in other online communities like Tumblr) tended to be in favor of Obama. Could this have possibly contributed to Obama’s success in the election by influencing the voter turnout among Youtube’s main age demographic? Hmm..interesting concepts worth looking into if I were ever a Sociologist.


Let’s Analyze “Pulp Fiction”!


I LOVE Tarantino’s movies! He always seems to know what camera effects to use at just the right moments to enhance the scene.  I chose to analyze a famous scene from the movie Pulp Fiction where the two main characters and their hostage are in a car debating. I’m going to take notes as I’m watching the clip so I can jot them down as soon as I notice something, so I apologize in advance that this will not be in paragraph form.

Step 1: Watching Without Listening

1. According to Roger Ebert, things in the foreground are more important than what’s in the background. Which is why Marvin, in the back seat, is blurred out when the 2 important guys are talking in the front. Also in the front, the dominant individual is on the right while the “sidekick” is on the left.

2. In the beginning, the camera doesn’t pay attention to who’s talking, but only the expressions given off by Jules; showing how he doesn’t have much interest in what Vincent is saying to him. This also functions as the scene’s Establishing Shot (according to the Top 20 Cinematic Techniques video), showing where this scene is going to play out rather than jumping straight into the characters’ argument. I noticed Tarantino does this a lot in his movies; he sets the stage before focusing on the characters’ interactions.  After this moment, the camera begins to cut between whomever is talking.

3. When Marvin starts talking at 0:49, the camera is still blurry, probably implying that he’s still not invited into Vincent and Jules’ conversation. However, after he’s done speaking, the camera cuts to Marvin’s point of view from the backseat, but not the direct POV through his eyes.  This makes the audience seem like an invisible character next to Marvin in the backseat, watching this play out from a different perspective. Even though Vincent is clearly talking to Marvin now, we still don’t get to see him in the shot for the rest of the scene. Probably showing how he’s still not important enough in that scene to get his own screen time.

4. I guess the cut to the back window as the blood covers it is a way to show the gruesomeness, STILL without showing Marvin. He just wasn’t meant to be in this scene, yet he’s extremely important.

5. After the blood explosion, both Vincent and Jules are being showed in the shot at the same time, showing how theyre both imporant at the moment. However Jules seems to be more dominant in the shot because the camera is shot from his side of the car. Imagine of this moment was shot through the front windshield of the car. This would put Vincent and Jules on equal levels. Tarantino didn’t want this because Jules is clearly the boss between the two. I also noticed that Vincent is more blurred out in the background, not as much as Marvin was, but just enough to show that Jules in the foreground is more important.

Step 2: Listening Without Watching

1. The soothing sound of the car driving along the road was the first thing I noticed. The sound sort of puts us in the car with them. Despite the fact that they’re arguing, the sound of the car is still sort of relaxing.

2. Tarantino likes to keep things as natural as possible in his movies, which is why during average-human-scenario scenes like these, he doesn’t add any additional background music or unnecessary sound effects. If these were added to this shot, the meaning might be changed or the scene would be dictated by the sounds. Plus you can already feel the heat between the two without music telling us “this is a heated argument.”

3. The dialogue seems like just an average human conversation that escalated a bit too much. Vincent was so involved in the conversation that he wasn’t paying attention to his gun. I’m trying to imagine this scene as if I hadn’t already seen the movie. If i were just listening to it as an audio drama, I wouldn’tve known why a random gun went off if Vincent hadn’t said what happened. Speaking of the way he said it, I found it hilarious that he said” Aw, I shot Marvin in the face…”all casually, as if he didn’t just SHOOT SOMEONE IN THE FACE!

4. The atmosphere in the car changed from heated arguing to panic after Marvin got shot. Without even being there, the audience can feel how frantic the characters feel just by how the dialogue is layered on top of one other, sentences being cut off and shouting.

Step 3: Watching and Listening!

1. Tarantino uses the audio dialogue and the camera shots to keep us at the center of the action in the car without even being there.

2. Huh…I didnt notice this before. The speaking dialogue is so clear, as if it was recorded in another, more enclosed location other than in the car. I know if I tried to record myself talking in my car, I would still get some kind of background noise and my voice wouldn’t be heard as easily.

3. At 0:33 Vincent looks directly at Jules to confront him head on, after he’d been looking forward and away from him the whole time. He does this to show his seriousness in the topic. Meanwhile Jules doesn’t once turn to look at him. This isn’t because he’s busy driving (because he later turns to look at him after Marvin was shot) but it’s because he had no intent to change his mind on the matter. His decision was final.

4. At 0:52 Vincent does the turn again to talk to Marvin just as he did when he got serious about Jules’ responses. He ends up sounding alot more serious during those 2 turns in this scene.

5. Now we finally see Jules look at something other than the road at 1:00 (see, told you he was just ignoring Vincent’s glance earlier!) He looks at the back seat multiple times, as his voice gets louder and louder, clearly more concerned about what just happened than what they were discussing before.

Maaann, this couldve all been avoided if Marvin had an opinion. Oh well.

I never noticed how much went into this scene, and if I did I was probably not consciously aware of it. Tarantino clearly takes all aspects of perspective and audio into account when he creates these legacies, and he tries to make each scene a slice-of-life scenario; things that could happen to any average person.

The Aliens are Coming! (Daily Create Story)

They’re coming soon… I’ve spent my whole life studying their existence, discovering their whereabouts, and preparing for the invasion. The aliens are coming.

This week, I disscussed some of my evidence with the general public, starting with this public service announcement, discovering that they have always been the causes of forest fires. In relation to this PSA, I brought in actual evidence that proved that they were on their way! Please refer to the license plate image below.

Licence plate that made me look twice

I warned that the presence of license plates that read “Phyer” were clear warnings that their impending onslaught was arriving and the end would be nigh! HOWEVER! There is a chance that the human race can save itself! When the invaders arrive in their massive silver saucer, they will ask us why they should spare our planet from any further harm. Only a select few on the whole planet, including me, will know this answer; “The Earth deserves life, because life gives the Earth meaning.” The chances that the invaders will come across an individual that knows this coded answer is very slim, to the point where the Earth only has a 3% chance of survival.

I havent given up yet. After this discovery, I started analyzing where their ship would land. I came up with a grassy hill at park known as Chimborazo in Richmond,VA. This site is a historical one; created in 1874 and known for one of the world’s largest military hospitals. The only flaw with my studies is that I have no idea when these creatures will arrive…


So now I sit here waiting. I don’t know for how long, but if it’s to save billions and billions of lives, time is not a factor.

Horrible Burger King Website Translation (*)

For the Google Translate Fail assignment, I stumbled upon a Japanese Burger King website and translated the only parts of the site that werent images (since Google Chrome cant translate those.) This is a screenshot of the bottom of the home page.

Horrible Burger King Translation

For most of these statements, I honestly had no clue what they were trying to say were trying to say. I laughed hysterically hard at “With meat sauce, delicious addition, the popular American cheese fly!” Some pages are just not meant to be translated! Hahaha!

Youtube It Your Way!(****)

Ever thought about what it would be like if birds were the superior race on Earth?

For the “Youtube It Your Way” assignment, where we had to pick out a youtube video and change some aspects to give it a totally new meaning, I chose a video of a human and a parrot yelling at each other…for no reason. I then used Hackasaurus to change the title, comments, commenters’ images, the video views, the amount of likes/dislikes, and a few linked video titles in the sidebar. The main topic here is Political Birds, so I made the arguing parrot, originally named Oscar, a governor debating with a journalist on recent issues in the bird world. All of the commenters seem to support Oscar’s rise to the top.

Here’s a screenshot from the original video

Picture 2

And here’s the Oscar Debates With Media version

Picture 2

At the end, the bird thanks his contender for the debate with a kiss! What a good Governor!!