Created Assignments

Through DS106 I created 3 assignments for the world to complete.

How I See You

First one was a visual assignment called “How I See You”. This was a task in GIMP where people took a picture of somone they know and draw them behind a pair of glasses. Through the glasses they should see how they actually see that person (whether literally or figuratively.) 0 People did this assignment. Guess it was too complicated to figure out. :(

How I See You


A Capella With Yourself

This next one was an audio assignment where people had to create at least 3 tracks of them singing with each other for 15-20 seconds. (This one was my personal favorite. I wouldve done more than one if I could.) 7 People did this assignment; I guess people like singing!

Vocal Instrumental Mashup

The last one I made was a mashup assignment that was a bit tougher than the previous 2 assignment. It called for 2 songs to be put together, but only the vocals of one song and the instrumental of the other. This was a bit of a challenge for even me to do, and I’M the one who made the assignment! But I got it to work with a Paralyzer/Take Me Out mashup. I’m the only one who’s done this assignment so far, but maybe there will be more next semester since it’s pretty fun.

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