True Glamour

Such glamor can only be attained by a canine of exquisite tastes.

This is my lovely hound, Caesar. His hobbies include strutting his stuff on the runway, signing autographs, and going to photo shoots like the true model he is. He enjoys eyeshadow that brings out his gorgeous amber eyes and lashes that accentuate their almond shape. As you can see, he doesn’t mind posing nude for the camera. ;)

I created this image using GIMP and borrowed a wig image from here. I added make-up by using the paint tool and adding a Gaussian Blur to spread out the color. I then toned down the opacity to make it a bit more realistic. I added the eyelashes using a brush that I acquired years ago (search eyelash brushes on google to find something similar. I don’t remember where I got mine.) Lastly I brightened up his eye by making a separate layer for his eyes and using the paintbrush to color them bright orange. If dogs could be drag queens, Caesar would make a PERFECT one!

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