Digital Dynamite Radio Bumper

This is my version of our show’s radio bumper. Enjoy it!

Okay, so I had no idea what to do for this bumper at first, since I didn’t want it to sound like the DS106 Radio Bumper I made before. Then it hit me as I was watching an episode of a show called “Black Dynamite.” In the show, whenever Black Dynamite does something badass (an awesome kung-fu move, jumping from a helicopter ect.) his signature theme plays. (this is also the video where I extracted the audio.) Sooo since our radio show, Digital Dynamite is pretty hardcore, I thought it deserved a hardcore theme!

Only 5 tracks were used to create this, each having their own effect. The effect I used on my voice to make it sound wavy is the default “Epic Diva” setting, but I turned off the reverb and echo and added the “chorus” effect. All of the other sound effects (except the Black Dynamite theme) were included in Garageband. DYNAMITE!


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