Digital Dynamite Commercial

Amigos! This is my version of the Digital Dynamite Commercial! You know the drill! Listen and enjoy!

This one took alot more thought than the Bumper since it had to be 2x longer. This was actually a bad and good thing. Bad in the sense that I’d have to think of something to occupy that amount of time, and good in the sense that once I DID figure out what to say, I wouldn’t be constrained to only 15 sec or less.

Unlike the bumper which only had 5 audio tracks, this commercial used 10 tracks. Most of the tracks I used were for different sound effects. Some effects couldn’t share the same tracks because some sounds were louder than others. All of the sound effects I used were built into Garageband. The computer noises are used to symbolize the “digitalness” in Digital Dynamite, while the explosion is…well…the DYNAMITE!!

For the countdown voice, I used the “Epic Diva” voice effect and turned up the reverb (which makes the voice sound like it’s in a wide open room) and synced the echo to occur 0.5 seconds after the initial word is said (“Five…*five*…Four…*four*….) My normal speaking voice didnt use any effects except for the compressor to lower the amount of background noise picked up by my microphone. The last voice was the same setting I used in the Bumper assignment where the “Epic Diva” effect was set with the “Chorus” filter turned on.

Picture 1

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