Recycled Media Mashup

Reduce, Reuse, RECYCLE!

I’ve taken 5 pieces of unused media from the Ds106 junked media bucket and created this…I don’t know what it is, but it seems like an awesome party to be invited to!! I mean penguin suits?? Sign me up!

This video was created for the Recycle the Media assignment where we had to take only 5 pieces of media and mash it up to tell a story. The 5 materials I selected were 4 pictures and 1 audio file. The images I chose at random were: a guy and his reflective shades, a girl in a penguin suit, a girl sticking her tongue out, and a party scene. The audio I used was simply labeled “Scrap_yeah_yeah” so I’m assuming the song is called “Yeah Yeah.”

Since I still couldn’t get the Popcorn remixing program to work because of the flash player crisis I mentioned in my last blog entry, I had to use Final Cut again (not that I have a problem with it, it just takes a while for things to render sometimes.) I guess the story here is that the people in the pictures have waited all week for this day, and it’s finally here. They must buy all the snacks, prepare their costumes, and put on their game faces because tonight they’re going to stop everything they’re doing and PARTY like there’s no tomorrow!

Alan’s Trip to Mars!

After a loooong semester, the Cogdog himself decides to take a vacation…to the planet Mars! Watch him prepare for the long journey!

How he got to Mars with JUST Monopoly money I’ll never know.

This is the first remix video that I’ve done this week, and so far it’s my favorite because we can make our professor do silly things through MOVIE MAGIC! At first I tried to use Mozilla Popcorn to remix the video, but the problem was that it wasn’t running properly in any of my browsers. This was because the flash player on the site is a newer version of the flash player that I currently have on my computer. “But Amber, why not just update your flash player?” Welp…turns out the newest version of flash player only runs on Mac OS X 10.6 or higher; I only have OS X 10.5. “But Amber, why not just update your computer so you can get the new flash player?” In order to update my computer, I’d need to order the 10.6 package through the Apple website and have it sent to my parents house 2hrs away from me, since the school’s mail system is very unreliable. The process is extremely long, so I decided to create this remix my old fashion way, with my trusty sidekick Final Cut Pro.

The first thing I had to do in the video was to replace his blank laptop screen with a crazy highlight from this semester. This moment deserved the craziest thing I’ve ever done this semester, my Epic Instrument Woman video! Next, he wanted to listen to some tunes on his old fashioned record player. He explained how the song was oldschool, so I had to think “what do I like that’s also from his generation?” I ended up cranking up one of my favorite Mowtown oldies, “And the Beat Goes On” by The Whispers. Very fitting right! After that came some of the tricky stuff. Almost everything in the video that I added was done so by keyframe overlaying, which means you can overlay the original footage and edit each frame’s appearance by timecode. I’m not experienced enough to know how to crop out specifice designs from a rectangular image, other than the left, right, top, and bottom, which is why when I put the Mars image on the map, I couldn’t draw the map around his arm. However, I WAS able to crop out the left side of it when he moved the laptop toward it. This was also done on the laptop for a brief second with the Wikipedia page before the scene switched to the full laptop. This same keyframing nonsense went on for the rest of the video for any of the added images. In order to write on the grading page, I changed the duration of the screen by taking a screenshot of the page. I then used Final Cut’s typewriter function to create 3 typewriter tracks for my name, grade, and evaluation. (The “next Tarantino” joke has been something I’ve been saying the whole semester in my blogs!) The last scene was an actual panorama video of the planet Mars. I took this from a youtube video.

Some of you may be wondering “why Mars?” Well Mars is the final frontier and it’s WORTH exploring!! Sure it may take 10 months to get there, but once you’re there it’s a life changing voyage! That monopoly money he used was just enough to get him a round trip ticket, and even a complimentary stop on the moon! Hope he brings back souvenirs and an alien or 2.

The Amber E. May Variety Picture Show! (Weeks 11 & 12 Making Movies)

It’s MOVIE TIME! These last 2 weeks have been very busy, but in the end all 7 of the videos I made gave me something to show for the hard work! Everyone line up at the box office, grab your tickets, grab your concessions, and find a seat in the theater, because without further adieu, I present the Amber E. May Variety Picture Show!

“Charlie’s Great Escape” (Foley Assignment)

I brought the original FOLEY ASSIGNMENT back to life by not only adding sound effects, but also background music and credits! I had it tell an entirely new message by including these new features. Instead of a theme of fear, the scene now comes off as comedic; like sort of a Bugs Bunny episode. Because this was originally a silent film, there could be a multitude of possibilities if one were to re-create the scene with sounds and music.  Check out the post for “Charlie’s Great Escape” HERE!


“La La La” Animated Dance Party (A.M.V. ****)

And now the first video assignment I successfully created, the “La La La” Animated Dance Party! Out of all my videos, I think this one took the most work. Finding all the anime clips that could sync with the lyrics of the song was tedious. There’s hundreds of animes out there, but I had to figure out which select few could work in the video. Sure enough I found them, and it was one big party! Check out the post for “La La La” Animated Dance Party HERE!

Winnie the Pooh Sings “Mad World” (Music Video

And now the 2nd video of the Video Assignment trilogy. This one was one of my favorites because it completely destroyed everyone’s childhood image of the loveable Winnie the Pooh. It features the bear extremely depressed about losing his best friend Christopher Robin (Christopher isn’t dead, he’s litterally lost somewhere!) He has completely given up hope and now views life in a negative manner. Check out the dramatic adventures of “Pooh’s Mad World” HERE!

Epic Instrument Woman! (Viral Video Reenactment ***)

It is now time for the EPIC part of the Variety Picture Show. Think your eyes can handle the epicness of this magnitude? Introducing the one woman show, Epic Instrument Woman! With the power of her saxophone, clarinet, and flute skills, this brave woman eagerly brings good music and joy to a lifeless world! If you feel your eyes are worthy, check out the post for Epic Instrument Woman HERE! This woman is on FIRE!

Reverse Rip (Play it Backwards Jack! *)

And now it’s intermission time for the picture show. As you’re stretching your legs and talking about how amazing the show is to your neighbor, this video is rolling on the screen. It’s a video of me ripping a piece of paper…but in reverse! Wooooo special effects! I ended up making this in 10min because I was bored. Dont let the shortness fool you! This actually represents the deep manefestations that currently exist in our world and the fact that we must mend them! …okay so maybe I made that up… Check out the intermission “Reverse Rip” video HERE!

Caesar the Tough Puppy! (What Do Pets Think About **)

And now for the Sci-fi portion of the Picture Show! Ever think about what our loving pets think about? Well I have developed a high tech camera that can pick up the thoughts of any animal and convert them to English! Wooooo Science! The test subject of the video is my dog Caesar when he was just an energetic troublesome puppy. Now I know I must be cautious around him because he’s ALWAYS plotting to take over the world one dog house at a time! Check out the thoughts of “Caesar the Tough Puppy” HERE!


Caesar is Rude! (5 Second Film **)

And now as the final act of the Amber E. May Variety Picture Show, we bring back the roughest toughest dog in Virginia, Caesar! As you can see in the video, he’s past his puppy stage and is now in his emo teen years where he feels the need to ignore anyone who doesn’t understand him. This sort of gives the Picture Show a tear-jerking conclusion where the audience feels for the parents of this socially anxious pup. Check out the rude canine’s quest to find out who he is HERE!

And so concludes exciting tale of Amber E. May’s Variety Picture Show! The audience are now on their feet clapping and cheering for the greatness they just saw. A lot of work was put into this magnificent show, from voice acting to the video and audio editing behind the scenes. There were some struggles with deciding what video projects could possibly be done within a reasonable amount of time. At first I had planned to do the “Lip-sync Your Favorite Song” assignment but this week hit me with so many other projects for different classes that I would’ve never got around to it in time.

It felt nice being able to dust off my video editing after years of not really doing anything with it. As I said before, I used to make videos like these all the time in grade school. As I was making the Animated Dance Party video, I felt a hit of nostalgia because it reminded me of middle school where me and my friends were obsessed with Anime and AMV’s (anime music videos) on Youtube. Come to think of it, back then Youtube didnt have a high standard for video editing as it does now. Right now audiences expect flashy effects, expensive cameras, and movie worthy plot lines in all the videos they watch. Whereas in 2005 you could’ve uploaded a slideshow with music in the background and it would’ve been an instant hit. I sort of miss those days, but this only shows that more and more people have taken an interest in video editing than there were 8yrs ago.

Anyway, now that the Variety show is over, I have to start thinking about an even bigger show, one that will have audiences cheering on their feet for days! I will start thinking about it next week, but until then, watch your step as you’re walking out of the theater, some kids spilled a huge load of popcorn and gummy fish.


5 Second Film: Caesar is Rude (5 Seconds of Fame **)

Yet another video that shows how Caesar is a jerk sometimes. You try to say something to him and he walks off! How rude!

Caesar: “What’s up Amber! I gotta ask you something!”
Me: “Hi puppy!”
Caesar:”…oh wait…I forgot. Nevermind.”

This video pretty much sums up my dog’s personality in 5 seconds. This was created for the “5 Seconds of Fame” video assignment where you had to make some aspect of your life funny, but only in 5 seconds.  This footage actually came from a larger home video that I’d taken with my family during New Years. As I was walking around my house with the camera, Caesar came up to me, acting like he wanted something or had something to say to me. Instead when I tried to greet him, he suddenly forgot what he came to me for and left. What’s funny is he did the exact same thing in his puppy video where he was playing with a squeaky toy and he suddenly lost interest in it and left it. I guess he’s got the attention span of an armpit…

I tried to match the 5 Second Film style as much as possible by having the same opening/closing font and durations. I used Final Cut Pro to make this rather than iMovie because I needed the exact font layout (Lucida Grande, Centered) if I wanted to stay true to the style. Sadly when I recorded this I was using an IPod Touch, and it was turned sideways. That’s why the irremovable black bars of death are on the sides.

I liked this assignment because showed that one doesn’t need a 20min long sitcom to be funny, and that simplicity is all one really needs. 5 seconds could be worth 1000 words!

Caesar the Tough Puppy! (What Do Pets Think About? **)

I swear, if I were to read my dog’s thoughts, they would always say something about being the roughest toughest dog in the neighborhood! Well now I finally get to see what this dog is thinking! Introducing Caesar the Tough Puppy for the “What Do Pets Think About” video assignment!

Caesar is my Labrador Walker Hound mix and he’s currently 3 years old, but in the video he was only a few weeks old. Caesar was always a tough little guy. This stems back to when he was just a puppy and he would always steal things from the other puppies in his litter. Now that he’s older, you could be sitting on the couch watching TV, and he’d come up and jump on you for no reason wanting to wrestle. He tries to act like a big champ, but he’s just hiding the fact that he’s a total sweetie!

This is him older!


I made the video using a mix of iMovie, Final Cut Pro, Garageband, and GIMP. I used GIMP to create the introduction photo using a picture of Caesar trying to jump out of his box. In Garageband, I used one of the royalty free songs called “Vintage” because it sounded really…triumphant! Then in iMovie I uploaded some video that I’d taken when he was a puppy and then did the voiceover there since I could watch the video at the same time to match the voice up. After I created that, I moved the product to Final Cut to add the introduction photo, transitions, music, and outro.

Caesar has sort of calmed down as he’s gotten older, and now he’s got another puppy to worry about. That’s right, we just got him a playmate last month named Prince. After Goldie, Caesar’s older playmate died, Caesar was devastated and hated being alone. Ever since we got Prince, Caesar has been A LOT happier, running around playing with him. Sorry Caesar, looks like there’s a new tough puppy in town!

Reverse Rip (Play It Backwards, Jack! *)

This is me ripping a piece of paper in reverse for the “Play It Backward, Jack” video assignment. Um…nothing analytically in depth about this, but I do admit it looks sort of cool.

I’m sorry that this reversal isn’t extremely creative, but the reason for this is because, unlike in video editing where anything can be fixed, if I were to damage, spill, or drop something in real life there would be consequences. Its not like I can knock over a glass of chocolate milk somewhere or drop a bag of Skittles and reverse the spill to clean it up (although that’d be pretty cool.) Every action has a reaction, and only with movie magic can it be reversed.

Epic Instrument Woman! (Viral Video Re-enactment ***)

In your entire life, you will never see anything as EPIC as this! In the beginning, there was Epic Sax Guy, but now the genders have flipped to reveal something equally, if not MORE epic! I give you, Epic Instrument Woman!


This video was created for the “Viral Video Re-enactment” video assignment where you had to re-enact a famous viral video. This video is a parody of the extremely popular “Epic Sax Guy” video, which shows a European pop group singing a song called “Run Away.” The man with the saxophone solo ends up stealing the whole show with his pelvic thrusts, smooth sunglasses, and overall epicness! This part of the song was so cool that someone made a 10 hour version of just his solo. I could sit through it forever!

I not only tried to mimic this, but I gave it my own little twist. Instead of having just a saxophone, I whipped out my clarinet and flute to add some variety. The dancing continued through all 3 instruments. I wish I could dance… What I’m wearing? Don’t question that, just gaze upon the epicosity that my outfit is radiating; purple wig, purple shades, purple morphsuit ect.

I guess the inspiration for the video was the fact that I planned to create it earlier this month as an April Fools video, just never got around to it. I like goofing off on camera, and I love the sax song, so why not combine them! Unlike my other videos, there is absolutely no message to be learned here, other than BE EPIC for the camera!

Winnie the Pooh Sings “Mad World” (Music Video ****)

Disney proudly presents the deleted scene from the classic movie Pooh’s Grand Adventure: The Search for Christopher Robin. It’s depressing and entertaining! It’s depressitaining! In this secret scene, Pooh has sadly given up hope after losing his beloved Christopher Robin and he begins to sing a song entitled “Mad World”, showing that his faith in humanity has deteriorated…..So enjoy this obscure scene straight from the Disney Vault!

I must now confess that I lied and this scene did NOT come from the legendary Disney Vault. It is only a mere fan-made video that was mixed with fitting music.

This video was created for the DS106 “Music Video” video assignment where you take footage from an existing movie or show and add fitting music to it in a way that creates a completely new message. As I said in my weekly post from last week, the inspiration to create such a dramatic depressing video came from the fact that I found Gary Jule’s voice to highly resemble Winnie the Pooh’s voice. If this weren’t the case, I don’t think this video would work as well. Sad song + sad scene + Winnie the Pooh singing = PERFECT!

Just as I planned out from last week, I used Final Cut to create this. First I downloaded Pooh’s lamenting scene from Youtube, then I ripped the audio from the “Mad World” music video and converted it to mp3 format (since I couldn’t find the plain mp3 anywhere.) I started splicing the scene in Final Cut and it matched perfectly with them music, however as I suspected, I came up short because the scene was only a min or so long. I didn’t want to be someone who reuses the same clips over and over because that doesn’t add any variety to the message. So to avoid this problem, I took some scenes from 2 other Winnie the Pooh shows; Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day and Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree (grabbed the video just in time! it got taken off Youtube for copyright infringement.)

I used the opening scene of the Honey Tree as the opening scene for the video, panning around Christopher Robin’s room looking at all of his old toys and story books. Inside the book, it shows Christopher Robin swinging, just as the song says “Going nowhere…”. During “The tears are filling up their glasses” lyric, it shows Pooh struggling to hold onto the umbrella in the torrential downpour, while during “no expression…” his ghost self descends back into his sleeping state. This also goes with the fact that he later says “The dreams in which I’m dying are the best I’ve ever had.”

I wanted to change the whole meaning of pooh’s sadness. I wanted the video to have a sense of helplessness and woe. With the slow cross-fades, desaturated colors, slow motion, and near perfect lipsyncing I’m pretty sure I successfully delivered this message! Wow, feeling a sense of joy and accomplishment from Pooh’s sadness? I’m a horrible person!

Charlie’s Great Escape!

Everyone watch in amazement as Charlie Chaplin the Great makes his daring escape from the hungry jaws of a ferocious lion! And to narrate this exhilarating escapade, we have our marvelous orchestra playing “The Barber of Seville” as Charlie’s diligence unfolds! Take your seats and enjoy the show!

Okay…so maybe the lion wasn’t totally ferocious…but still! Charlie was able to escape from the cage in one piece! In this video, I removed the audio of the original clip and replaced it with the sound effects from the class. The effects I used were from the following people: Stefanie Jeske, Ms. Parker, Dylangott, and Nancy. Thank you all for your sounds and yall did an awesome job keeping the sounds in time with the clip! I think Dylan’s dog barking was my favorite because it sounded so real! Bahahaha!

As usual, I integrated all the sounds and fades using Final Cut Pro. Since all the sounds were perfectly in time, syncing the audio with the video wasnt a challenge.  I used the song “The Barber of Seville” because it reminded me of a fancy, classic silent movie, plus I think it went with this scene quite well. Oh! And also when I hear this song I think of the crazy, cartooniness of that Bugs Bunny episode! You all know which one I mean! I was originally going to use the song “In the Hall of the Mountain King” (look at the orchestra at 2:14. The guy’s string breaks from him playing too fast!), but the whole beginning of the song was way too quiet and it didn’t have enough action. If I’d cut out the quiet part and just left the famous brass heavy part, the audio would’ve been too short for the clip. So the challenge was to find a song that had just the right amount of action and wasnt too short. “The Barber of Seville” is a 7 minute song, so I was able to cut out the important part of the song and still have enough left over to complete the song.

I think the music changed the meaning of the story from somone who was frantically trying to escape, to someone who is still trying to escape, but is entertaining the audience in the process. How can I explain it…It makes the atmosphere seem less serious and more comical. The addition of the sound effects make the scene more entertaining. It’s like you’re waiting for a laugh track to happen every few seconds!

“La La La” Animated Dance Party! (Animated Music Video ****)

I would call this an “Anime Music Video” if the Spongebob clips weren’t in it. But hey! Spongebob DESERVES to be at this party! Check out his dance moves! Plus I loooove Spongebob so I couldn’t not put him in the video! To make this music video I used clips from a variety of anime shows; Haruhi Suzumiya, One Piece, Lucky Star, Gravitation ect. You never really notice how much the Japanese love dancing until you collect all of the clips together. I also notice that they like to do alot of synchronized dancing, Hmmm.

The song used is called “La La La” by a South Korean band named Big Bang. This video didn’t have a particular meaning other than just dance and have fun. This sort of reflects my personality because I love to listen to songs that aren’t focused around deep lyrics, since I’m pretty slow to analyze things for a good number of reasons. This song proves this fact even more because if you listen to the lyrics, 80% of the song is in Korean and I have no idea what they’re saying, besides the little bit that’s in English. (“Everybody get em high! And we wont stop movin movin’!”) I guess this is sort of like the “Gangnam Style” craze where everyone was listening to it, and even played it on the radio, but no one understood what it meant.

I made this in Final Cut Pro, my specialty, and it took about 2 and a half hours to find all the clips, download them, find out where to match them up in the song, and add a few effects such as speed, fade in/fade out, and sepia. This video didn’t really need alot of effects because I found it to be extremely flashy without them. I added a few filter effects to some of the clips as an experiment and it ended up too “sparkly” and explosive. This is usually a good thing, but it’s not really a good thing to overwhelm the audience with seizure-provoking colors. The sepia I added toward the end when the song goes a capella and it’s just the weird guy from One Piece dancing.

I wish I could’ve changed the size of the video, but that would’ve ended up messing up the quality. Ah well, you don’t need good video quality to dance to good music!