“Is it over yet?”: Moar Audio and Radio Show (Weeks 7 & 8)

Zzzzz…..huh…Oh! I’m sorry! These 3 weeks have been so long that I’d been forgetting to sleep. Between tackling the radio show and……no wait, it was JUST the radio show that got me this exhausted. The other assignments these past weeks weren’t as difficult, and they gave me a chance to play with my favorite toy, Garageband!

Audio Assignments

I’d forgotten that I’d even done these 7 points of Audio Assignments. They were SO fun that I wish I had the time to do all of them! The ones I chose to do were “A Capella With Yourself,” which was 3 points, and “Multipersonality,” which was 4 points. I don’t think I could pick a favorite out of the 2 of these since both of them were down my interest alley. I created the A Capella assignment myself, since I felt that it made sense to have at least 1 singing assignment for an audio themed week. Again, LOVED making these!

Daily Creates


6 Daily Creates, huh? I had to go back and check if I actually did 6 of them since I’d done a few extra over Spring Break. Turns out I did, and they were:

Origami Post-it note (http://www.flickr.com/photos/63506605@N08/8511032425/)

“The “y”-less Paragraph” (http://tdc.ds106.us/writings/writing-a-paragraph-without-this-vowel-impossible/)

“The Daydreaming Window” (http://www.flickr.com/photos/63506605@N08/8522171546/)

“My Day in 2 Songs (http://tdc.ds106.us/writings/wow-my-day-was-productive/)

“Underwater Dodgeball” (http://tdc.ds106.us/writings/under-water-dodgeball/)

“How to be a Superhero” (http://tdc.ds106.us/writings/so-you-wanna-be-a-superhero-heres-a-few-tips-on-where-to-start/)

The Daydreaming Window was my favorite of all these because I’m a huge fan of sunrises and sunsets. It features me in my room opening the curtain for a morning look at my neighborhood. When I was younger, I would always sit at this window with my Sally-Sue doll, pretending I could fly like a bird. Silly dream, yes.

Radio Show

We’ve only had this project for 3 weeks, and yet it seems like 3 months. Aside from initially being unable to agree on a topic, the major struggle we had was trying to figure out do-able meeting times that all 5 of us could make. There was always 1 or 2 of us who couldn’t make it to meetings because of class or work.
Being a person who likes to do things on her own, ending the first week still not knowing what topic we were doing shattered me to pieces and had me desperate to do any topic anyone wanted. I thought this assignment was going to be easy, but it took more work than I expected.

I KNOW Cogdog told us not to do any work during Spring Break…but I was soooo worried that we weren’t going to finish the show that I recorded my bumper, commercial, and half of my story over the break. It’s my perfectionist side that keeps me awake at night…..

In the end we somehow managed to make it work and got everything stable before Sunday. Once everything was straightened out, our show came out pretty well. I think the main lesson that was supposed to be learned from this assignment was how to work together as a team.

Our radio show is called “Digital Dynamite” and our topic was “What Makes You Dynamite?” To be dynamite means to be a driven individual with a passion that originated from a spark they’d had in their lives. In the show, the 4 of us spoke about our passions and where our sparks came from. I discovered that I was working with some really talented girls! From sewing, to fancy writing, to foreign languages, these girls gave meaning to the word “dynamite.”

The role I played in this assignment was to try to keep everyone level-headed during the time of confusion  collect everyone’s audio stories, commercials, and bumpers and place them into one audio file and create the final mixdown for the show. Since we all took on roles based on what we were good at, I provided audio help to whomever needed it. Some of the group members needed help with music and sound effects, so I added themes to their stories that seemed suitable for their topics during mixdown. All of the music and sound effects used were from Garageband.  We decided our commercials and bumpers by majority rule. We ended up selecting Nancy’s bumper, my bumper,_Chelsea’s commercial and my commercial.

I could say this statement 10,000 times and it still wouldnt be enough: I’m glad the show is over and I can now have part of my life back!!

These 3 weeks have been a GREAT deal of work, more than what we’ve ever done in the class so far. I took a major step out of my comfort zone by working with others to create something successful, and I would say we were very successful! I honestly didn’t think we could do it, and I almost decided to make my own project, however we made it to the end all in one piece although I think I lost an arm or 2 during Spring Break.  Although teamwork and collaboration are very good life skills to have, I kinda still prefer to work on my own to prevent a hurricane sized headache and tears of stress again.

Me: Audio, I still love you, but I think we should…I dunno…break-up for a bit.
Audio: Oh…I get it, Amber. There’s someone else..
Me: No! There’s no one else!…it’s just that…I need my personal space, and you’ve sorta been breathing my air for a while. I want you in my life, but not 24/7, ya know?
Audio: I see. But we can still be friends right…?
Me: Of course, Audio! I still love you after all, I just don’t want to see your ugly face for a while. :)
Audio: …..

Digital Dynamite Commercial

Amigos! This is my version of the Digital Dynamite Commercial! You know the drill! Listen and enjoy!

This one took alot more thought than the Bumper since it had to be 2x longer. This was actually a bad and good thing. Bad in the sense that I’d have to think of something to occupy that amount of time, and good in the sense that once I DID figure out what to say, I wouldn’t be constrained to only 15 sec or less.

Unlike the bumper which only had 5 audio tracks, this commercial used 10 tracks. Most of the tracks I used were for different sound effects. Some effects couldn’t share the same tracks because some sounds were louder than others. All of the sound effects I used were built into Garageband. The computer noises are used to symbolize the “digitalness” in Digital Dynamite, while the explosion is…well…the DYNAMITE!!

For the countdown voice, I used the “Epic Diva” voice effect and turned up the reverb (which makes the voice sound like it’s in a wide open room) and synced the echo to occur 0.5 seconds after the initial word is said (“Five…*five*…Four…*four*….) My normal speaking voice didnt use any effects except for the compressor to lower the amount of background noise picked up by my microphone. The last voice was the same setting I used in the Bumper assignment where the “Epic Diva” effect was set with the “Chorus” filter turned on.

Picture 1

Digital Dynamite Radio Bumper

This is my version of our show’s radio bumper. Enjoy it!

Okay, so I had no idea what to do for this bumper at first, since I didn’t want it to sound like the DS106 Radio Bumper I made before. Then it hit me as I was watching an episode of a show called “Black Dynamite.” In the show, whenever Black Dynamite does something badass (an awesome kung-fu move, jumping from a helicopter ect.) his signature theme plays. (this is also the video where I extracted the audio.) Sooo since our radio show, Digital Dynamite is pretty hardcore, I thought it deserved a hardcore theme!

Only 5 tracks were used to create this, each having their own effect. The effect I used on my voice to make it sound wavy is the default “Epic Diva” setting, but I turned off the reverb and echo and added the “chorus” effect. All of the other sound effects (except the Black Dynamite theme) were included in Garageband. DYNAMITE!