The Family Dinner (Multipersonality Assignment ****)

Hooooo boy, this was a fun one!! I’ve heard of arguing with yourself, but this is ridiculous. This was made for the Multipersonality audio assignment. I made this by using multiple tracks in Garageband and by coming up with voices that suited the sort of “average family” trope where the snobby child refuses to eat his veggies, the mom gets upset, and the father could care less what’s going on. I’ve seriously been watching waaayy too many cartoons. Anyone else think I sound like Louis Griffon from Family Guy?

This scenario reminded me of what my family went through when I was younger; my little brother was the stubborn one who wouldnt eat his greens, and me and him would cause mischief at the table. We’d end up getting sent to our rooms afterward…Good times!

A Capella With Yourself! (Audio Assignment ***)

This is my 17 second cover of the song “Kryptonite” by Three Doors Down. The people singing are, Me and Me, and on the beatbox we have the glorious Me!


I created this in Garageband in about 35min (it took so long because I was trying to sing in tune with myself. Honestly! The other me is always out of tune!) This was made for the Audio Assignment called “A Capella With Yourself” where you had to create at least 3 audio tracks,record with 3 different voices, and mash them up to make it sound like you’re singing with yourself.

My Process:

1. Think of a song to sing
2. Split the song into harmonization and beat by listening to the original song over and over
3. Record the main melody
4. Record the harmonization to the main melody
5. Make sure the 2 vocal tracks sync up the right way
6.Record the beat (consisting of a snare drum and high hat)
7.Mix the 3 tracks together and hope for the best!

Picture 1

The main challenges with this was, as I said, staying in tune with myself, so I dont sound icky, and singling out the harmonization pattern in the song. Once I found out what notes they were (or at least what key the song is in), it became easier to mix the 2 vocals together. Oh! in the image there are 4 tracks instead of 3. This was so the 1st half of the harmonized track could overlap the 2nd half of the track, so that the 2nd half could come in a beat early. So the middle 2 tracks are the same voice, just split apart.

Hay preguntas, alguien?

Week 6: Design, Design, and More Design

Last week I was in the ocean on a photography ship, but this week the ship landed on the shores of an undiscovered place. Me and my crew disembarked and named this place Design Island. We scavenged the land and encountered strange creatures as we explored the jungles. We took notes of our encounters in safari journals and shared them with each other, discussing what we learned. We are now recapping our first week in this intimidating, but beautiful island.

Design Safari

We learned about the elements of what makes a certain design effective. We then captured these elements in places where they occur in everyday life. I ended up finding examples about Balance, Typography, Unity and Rhythm. Go check out my dangerous safari adventure!


Design Assignments

These were a pretty cool way to utilize what we learned in the Design Safari. All of my design assignments were created in GIMP (since It’s the design platform I’m most familiar with) The ones I did were a mix of 3-star assignments, 4-star assignments, and I think there was a required 2-star one in there somewhere. However I REFUSED to touch any of the 1-star ones. Although 1-star assignments would’ve been easy to complete within a few min, I would feel like I wasn’t being challenged enough.

With that said, check out the ones I completed and explained how I made!

>DS106 Propaganda
>One Story/ Four Icons (Answer at the bottom of this Weekly Summary)
>PSA Billboard
>MLP Trading Card (This one was my absolute favorite and is now in my “Best Pictures” photoset!)
>Really Reality TV

Daily Creates

My daily creates this week were

>Sunday: Take a Picture of Something You Made
>Tuesday: If You Could Be Any Pastry…
>Thursday: Fondest Memory
>Friday: Caption a Photo to Make it Say the Opposite

I don’t really remember doing these…I’ve been so busy working on all of the design assignments for this week. Maybe I dont remember them because they all took 15min or less. Oh well, they’re still really fun to do! I think my favorite is the photo of the Bologna and Cheese Croissants because they were delicious! My 2nd favorite is the caption photo of the dog wanting to go for a walk in the park. I took a random Creative Commons image and added something that a dog looking that snazzy would never say. I used a caption creator from a site called to give me the basic meme font.

I'm Ready

Radio Show Progress

At the beginning of the week our radio show group was a bit scattered and we had no idea what sort of show to do. We were scrambling to find a reasonable time to get our group together, and we ended up creating a Google Doc to share our ideas on paper. The first thing we successfully came up with was our show’s title, Digital Dynamite. Currently we are trying to unanimously decide on a logo to use for the broadcast. We ended up narrowing it down to 2 logos:

Ugh! They were both so good that it was hard for even me to decide! However, in the end there was one more logo design that was thrown into the mix, and this one was a keeper.

This logo was a combination of the 4 designs we all submitted. It’s simple, but still has a bang to it!

Our show’s topic is called “What Makes You Dynamite” and it’s going to ask each one of us what makes us “dynamite,” discussing that time when we felt inspired to do or be something; the fire to keep us following our dreams. This topic is in its embryonic stage and may change when we start hearing from other team members.

And so ends Chapter 6 of the DS106 novel. Just like last week, I went around to the other blogs to see how everyone was stacking up to graphic design. By the looks of things, it looked like everyone had a good handle on the assignments. I’ll admit, this week was pretty sweet because of all the Gimping, but it also seemed longer than normal. Sometimes I would think I was finished with everything, until I’d realize that I forgot to do an extra Design Assignment or haven’t finished a Safari.  I’ve said this once before, but the checklist is my absolute best friend every week! Now that I’m looking at the checklist again, it was actually shorter this week than last week. Huh…then why did this week take so long? Maybe it was because I’ve been constantly doing midterm papers for other classes. I’m so glad that Spring Break is around the corner! I’m running on 35% brain power…

“Big Wedding” Coming soon to DS106TV (***)

This image was created for the “Really Reality TV” assignment where you generate 2 words and create them into a TV show. I decided when I was going to generate my pair of words, I would NOT change them no matter how silly. The first pair of words that appeared were “Big Wedding.” What’s funny about this title is that there IS going to be a movie coming out this year called “Big Wedding“. “You gotta be kidding me,” I thought. Since I’d promised not to change it no matter what, I decided to do my own rendition of the movie using the paragraphs I’d acquired from the Google searches.
Source Articles:,83227/


DS106TV Presents Big Wedding

More than 3,500 couples from all around the world gathered in South Korea to tie the knot in a wedding ceremony organised by the Unification Church.

Anyway, add a superfluous Topher Grace and a soundtrack composed of every overplayed trailer musical cue save “Born To Be Wild,” and you’ve pretty much got the entire history of modern mainstream American comedy, all condensed into a scant two-and-a-half minutes. If only Zackham had included Steve Martin and Kate Hudson confusedly wandering through the wedding party, so sure they’re meant to be there, everyone could have officially stopped making movies.



Collect Them All! Fan-made My Little Pony trading cards! (****)

Now for a limited time you can get the new “Insanity Twilight”  Trading Card! Once played on the field, this card is unstoppable!
"Insanity Twilight" MLP Trading Card

I love Yugioh cards, and I love My Little Pony, so why not combine the two and see what happens? I created this for the Movie Trading Cards assignment.Instead of using a movie, I ended up using a screenshot from one of my favorite episodes of MLP (Movie, Episode…they sound the same to me. I don’t watch many movies.)I tried to duplicate the format of an actual Yugioh card to create this. I used 12 layers in all, including the background, border, title template, text, and drop shadows. The background is a mix of a tile filter, and a multicolored gradient.

I took a screenshot from an episode called Lesson Zero where Twilight only has 24 hours to submit her weekly friendship report. She ends up going crazy because, as a straight-A student, the thought of being tardy is devastating to her. She ends up going to extreme lengths to make up a report to turn in. What this episode and the card have in common is that both are results of waiting until the last minute to do something. Only when the player’s life points are almost gone can this card be played, and when it is played, it deals an immense amount of damage to the other player’s life points or card. (Life points are like…points that keep the game in motion. If you lose them all, you’ve lost the duel.)

There’s already a kid-friendly version of MLP Trading Cards, but I figured mine is what they would look like if they were characters that you could actually battle each other with. If they all looked like this I would TOTALLY collect them all!

Design Safari: Finding Design in its Natural Habitat

Shh….come, look this way. Right between those two trees. You see it? Yes, that my friends is a rare element in its natural habitat. The family in which it comes from is known as Design, and it’s not alone out here in the wild. Here, take a look at my photo-journal. This is a collection of 4 of these rare specimens cohabiting with one another in nature.



This was a beautiful example of symmetrical balance located in front of Jefferson Hall. Notice how the 2 main lights are perfectly aligned with each other.


This little beaut’ was taking a rest near a river bank when I snuck up on her and caught a full-faced photo. Her species? Good ol’ Typography. The text on her face is organized by order of importance and size. Since “Pop” is the most important word, it is placed at the top in the largest possible font. “Frosted Cookies & Creme” only describes her type, so it is subtitled.


Look at this gorgeous Unity specimen! Despite the fact that she’s missing her bottom half, she gives off the perfect sense of closure and completeness. (she could also be a close relative to Proportion because of the decreasing size of the circles.) She’s so perfect you could just eat her up!


This specimen looked like it was dangerous to approach, but I ended up escaping with my life. This photo was recently taken in the rainforests of Myrtle Beach and it represents rhythm.

These are only 4 species of Design that I have captured, and there are 6 more types out there in the wild. Be sure to join me on my safari adventure next time!

PSA Billboard (***)


This is my design for the PSA Billboard assignment. I created the image in GIMP by first taking a photo of spilled medication, then overlaying each pill in the foreground with family members. The pills in the background have keywords that relate to important parts of an individual’s self: goals, memories, love, talents ect.  This represents how those who commit suicide are leaving behind their capabilities and also the people who truly care about them.

I got the inspiration to create this from a friend of mine who’s had to deal with multiple suicides in her family and didn’t know who to talk to about it. I think there should be more billboards like these around because there are many people in the U.S. who are coping with suicide in their lives, and they believe that ending their own lives will take away the pain. This method doesn’t take away the pain…it just creates pain for someone else.

DS106 Propaganda (***)

The war on education has arrived and we need more production!! For my propaganda poster, I took this WWII image I found on Google and transformed it into something less violent:


I used GIMP to erase (or rather stamp) the words to leave just the white background so that I could have a space to work with. I then tried to match the font of the original as much as possible by using the closest font I had in my library, Impact Condensed. I had some trouble making the text look old and faded, the most I could do was turn down the opacity and feather the edges a bit.

Sidenote: Does anyone else think the guy counting looks like Cogdog with a haircut? Just me? Okaaayy.

“Why Cant I Hold All These Photos!” Week 5: Photography

Captain’s Log…I’ve been sailing on the S.S.DS106 for 5 weeks now. So far so good. My crew continues to remain productive through these weekly storms, and no one has given up yet. This week for sure I thought we were going to have someone jump overboard because of the treacherous Photography Typhoon, but alas, all of the sailors stood their ground and fought through. This is why the crew is composed of only the most dedicated individuals who keep moving forward, no matter how rough the waters get.

This week I waved good-bye to my beloved audio week and shyly said hello to photography. At the beginning of the week I was worried because I felt that my digital camera wasn’t up to professional standards. But thanks to the following tips I learned from the storyfy collection, I learned that I didn’t need a professional camera to take beautiful pictures.

Tips that Helped Me This Week

1. Take your camera EVERYWHERE You Go! (
Seriously, you’ll never know when you’ll stumble on something great as you’re walking to and from class. As I was walking to the dining hall, I saw this young deer grazing and was thinking “Man, I wish I had my camera. Oh wait! I do have it.” I would’ve never caught the picture below if I didn’t have it on me  DSCN0214

2.Explore Different Angles (

Taking photos at an angle is better in most cases than taking them head on. It adds a whole new perspective on life. The image below was taken in my room at my parent’s house. …I dont know what sort of label to give this image, all I know is that I like it.


3. It’s All About Light and Contrast (

I think this tip helped me the most because it made me think about what a photograph is in the first place. The article explains how “Photography literally means “the process of drawing with light”,” not just taking pictures of random people and things. So I decided that anything could be considered a great photograph if the lighting gives it a stunning effect.I took this picture on a foggy day near one of UMW’s bus stops. In this photo, the eye is instantly drawn to the brightest street lamp.  Street

Photoblitz Assignment

This was pretty fun! I ignored everyone’s strange looks as I strolled around Campus Walk snapping only the best shots! Found Here!

I really enjoyed this assignment because it reminded me of a scavenger hunt, which I’m usually a pro at! I ended up getting weird looks from people within those 20 minutes because I had walked around the whole area at least 5 times searching for the perfect locations. Great photographers don’t give a duck if they get stared at, as long as they get the perfect shot!

 Daily Creates

I now don’t spend as much time on Daily Creates as I did in Week 1; spending only about 10-15 minutes on them. The 3 I did this week were: “A drawing of a place I’ve been, but never want to go back to,” “A picture of something new and shiny,” and “Cut something up and piece it back together.”

This is a drawing of my old high school. I couldn’t wait to graduate, and I do NOT want to go back there! These halls contained so much drama that you’d always get sucked into it without even trying!
A place I NEVER want to return to......

Crispy, red apples! Shiny AND new! Don’t mind if I do.

Crunchy,Shiny, and New

In this picture I cut a piece of paper in half and then folded them back into each other in the shape of a ninja star (or what you call a “shuriken”) I used to make these alot in middle school because I was obsessed with an anime called Naruto.


Photoset of Best Shots

Check out the best of the best here!

Visual Assignments

This week we also had to do 10 stars worth of Visual Assignments. These ended being much more fun than the Daily Creates, and I started and completed most of them on Sunday! The ones I did were all 2 stars and here they are!

Makeup Your Pet

Valentines Day Caption Challenge
Cropped Signs
DSCN0335 smaller

Optical Illusion

9 Lives

I think out of all 5 of these, Makeup Your Pet was my favorite because I made my dad angry for turning the dog into a drag queen! Priceless!

Comment Groups

As usual my comment group continues to shine with unimaginable Ds106 wisdom. It’s fun sharing advice with those who need it. I commented on Sarah’s Color Splash assignment giving her some advice about colorizing her photos in GIMP instead of a limited phone app. This advice ended up becoming a graphic tutorial for the rest of the class.

I learned this week that taking a picture does not just mean lifting the camera and shooting willy-nilly. You have to have some idea of what you want to capture in your photo to make it stand out.  Sure this week taught me a lot of interesting facts about photography and optimizing photos, but I’m kind of glad it’s over. Between the photoblitzing and visual assignments, I’m pooped! I did however enjoy seeing others creativity this week when they tackled their photo assignments and shared them on Twitter. These people never cease to amaze me. Oh! And I also forgot to mention that we selected our Radio Show groups this week! My wonderful group is composed of Nancy, Chelsea, Jennifer, Watkins, and myself and together we are…..uh….we’re still trying to decide on a name…(I myself really like the name “Digital Dynamite“) Oh well! We’ll figure it out!